Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Praise His Name

I talked with Tami last evening and she said she received the results of the blood work done last Monday at the doctor's office following the sonogram. Everything was normal so far. What a blessing and I will continue to pray for a healthy baby. Can't wait for Colleen's sonogram although she has said that she is not going to find out the sex of the baby. I remember way back when..... we never knew the sex our babies and it was wonderful to hear the doctor say "it's a ____!" at the moment of birth. Anywasy, I already started her baby blanket in white but will wait for Tami to let me know what color she wants - pink or blue.

I read that Ben was able to come home on Sunday and that was truly another blessing from the Lord. Hope he is doing well and the family is adjusting to twins. I can't imagine how difficult that can be.

Tonight is Kasi's concert and as usual I forgot - Jenn did not call to remind me until it was too late for me to go. Hopefully Kasi will forgive me. Everyone knows how forgetful I am!!!

I have been reading my Bible - I joined Crossroads, a Christian book club and received a new Bible for joining. I also ordered a daily devotional book and some other study guides. Forgiveness is something that has been difficult for me as anyone who knows the circumstances of my children's father's remarriage will know. Adultery is not easy to forgive, especially if the marriage is destroyed as a result and having to see them at family gatherings brings up old wounds. Well, I thought I would take the bull by the horn and make an effort to be nice so I requested her to be a friend on Facebook. Why did I ever think that would be accepted? Of course, she has not responded and I know she has been on Facebook because she posted a birthday message to Colleen. I guess I will just give up that gesture for the time being.

On a lighter note, it was a beautiful day today. I was busy with work and am ready to relax.

Till next time.....

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