Friday, March 27, 2009

Happy Birthday Mattie

Today is Matthew's birthday. I called to wish him a happy one and he answered the phone. He is sooo cute. He said "did you call to say happy birthday?" and then he said "thank you for calling me for my birthday". Gregg said they were just getting ready to eat his cake. He wanted a rabbit so they got an Easter bunny cake. How sweet.

Another rainy day in Spartanburg - I did not sleep well last night - tummy troubles - so I did not go to work today. I actually slept a good part of the day which I will probably regret tonight when I try to sleep. Oh well..... it was a good day to snuggle in the bed with Miss Kitty. Since I returned from up north last Saturday, she is still following me everywhere!

Tomorrow I hope to clean, do laundry and bills. Hopefully, church on Sunday. I think I'll ask Kasi if she wants to go with me, Ryan also if he wants to. If the funds look good, maybe bowling in the afternoon. Colleen called today and wants to talk about Easter dinner - it will be here soon so I better get planning. She also went to the doctor and everything good so far. She continues to feel nauseaus so she was prescribed some medicine. Hope it helps.

Till next time.....

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