Friday, March 6, 2009

God is Soooo Good

This week my dear friend at work was told that her granddaughter, who is three and a half years old, was having problems with her stomach. She would complain of pain in her "tummy" on and off for a few days. My friend's daughter took her to the doctor and he thought it was constipation which they attempted to treat. There was no difference so they tested further and at first thought it was a dermoid cyst in her colon (a growth that is congenital and can be removed). This usually occurs near the ovary and is not usually discovered until a woman is in her 20's or above. They took her to a surgeon and yesterday he told the mom that it was a teratoma (growth) on her ovary and they would have to do surgery. He also prepared them that he thought it was malignant. My friend was so upset - we prayed and asked God to guide the surgeon's hands and let it be benign. She called me alittle while ago and told me everything looked good. It does not appear to be malignant (of course they sent off a sample to pathology to make sure) and that Rachel is doing okay. Another prayer answered by our dear Lord and Saviour. How can anyone deny such an Almighty power - God answers prayers!!!!

Tomorrow afternoon I will be babysitting for Carson - can't wait. We went to Boston Pizzeria last night and met Margaret and Alex. Had a great time. Carson wanted to go to Nana's afterwards so he could go upstairs and see where Miss Kitty sleeps. He loves going up and down my stairs. I'll be watching him at his house this time or he'll wear me out!

Hoping to go bowling maybe this Sunday afternoon with the Wylie kids and hope to hear from TJ. too.

That's it for now...

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