Sunday, March 8, 2009

Mamma Mia!

Friday night when Cheryl called to check on the time of my flight, I realized that I should have flown to Newark on February 14 - thanks to a typo error when the flight was booked. Oh well, the wonderful airline not only would not give us any credit for the error but because I was not on the flight, they automatically canceled my return flight which was the correct date. Somehow, that does not seem legal but there's nothing that can be done. So, Tami found another flight and booked me for the correct dates. However, I lost the cost of the first booking completely and thankfully we were able to book another for less than the first. Today, I finally got around to figuring my budget for this month and miraculously, the money was there to pay for this new flight without having to rearrange anything. I still cannot figure out how that happened except for a blessing from the Lord. Who else could come up with $144 from nowhere?

Saturday, I watched Carson for a few hours and we had so much fun. We spent most of the day outside enjoying the beautiful weather. We drew different shapes on the driveway with chalk and I would ask him to jump in a specific shape - he knew every shape - even an octagon! He is so smart.

Today, I tried to catch up on household chores and laundry. Colleen called and asked me to go to the park with her and Jenn and the kids but I had too much to do. I understand they had a great time, enjoying yet another day of beautiful weather. Can't wait for spring to be officially here.

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jenn said...

We had a wonderful should have come!!!!