Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sleep like a baby

Well, I had a wonderful night's sleep last night. I went to bed about 9:30 and woke up at 9am this morning to my cat meowing in my ear. I accomplished much even though my back was hurting. Getting old is no picnic! I managed to clean a good bit and caught up on some scrapbooking. I started on the year 2007 - only another year and a few months and I'll be caught up.

I also went on line to research websites on scrapbooking stickers - there are a lot of websites. Prices vary so it will take me awhile to find the best one.

My friend from up north wrote me yesterday - he is very involved in politics and had written a letter to the editor of a local newspaper up there. I actually went on line and found the article which was very interesting. I so enjoy hearing from him and I think I may try to see him on my next visit up north. Even though there has been a little flirting - I think we could be great friends and that's what I really want although it does make me feel good about myself when he flirts!

Back to work tomorrow - another very busy day. I have to make an appointment with my attorney to sign some papers on my house giving up all rights to it. I hope this means that Eddie has either sold it or can refinance so I can get looking again.

Till next time.....

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Rain, Rain Go Away

Another rainy day - makes me very lazy. Of course, I had another sleepless night. I went to Walgreen's to transfer another prescription from CVS and they gave me a $25 gift certificate to be used on anything in the store. I believe I will buy some goodies for the grandchildren for Easter. I just hope I can sleep better tonight now that I have all my medicine. The pain in my legs is what wakes me up and then I cannot get back to sleep, even after taking Lortab. For some reason, I always forget to fill this one particular medicine that really controls the pain at night.

At least I managed to get my laundry done today. They are painting the townhouse next door to me and the men climbing up and down the stairs sound like a herd of elephants. I never heard the people who lived there make any noise at all. I hope I get quiet neighbors.

I was looking through the real estate web site and I saw the house that I had wanted is still on the market - $11,000 cheaper than my original offer and with some repairs being done. I'm considering making another offer - not sure yet. Obviously, the seller now knows that it needs repairs before a bank will grant a mortgage. May work to my advantage!

Well, I am rather tired and I think I will read for a little while and hopefully rest well tonight.

Till next time....

Friday, March 27, 2009

Happy Birthday Mattie

Today is Matthew's birthday. I called to wish him a happy one and he answered the phone. He is sooo cute. He said "did you call to say happy birthday?" and then he said "thank you for calling me for my birthday". Gregg said they were just getting ready to eat his cake. He wanted a rabbit so they got an Easter bunny cake. How sweet.

Another rainy day in Spartanburg - I did not sleep well last night - tummy troubles - so I did not go to work today. I actually slept a good part of the day which I will probably regret tonight when I try to sleep. Oh well..... it was a good day to snuggle in the bed with Miss Kitty. Since I returned from up north last Saturday, she is still following me everywhere!

Tomorrow I hope to clean, do laundry and bills. Hopefully, church on Sunday. I think I'll ask Kasi if she wants to go with me, Ryan also if he wants to. If the funds look good, maybe bowling in the afternoon. Colleen called today and wants to talk about Easter dinner - it will be here soon so I better get planning. She also went to the doctor and everything good so far. She continues to feel nauseaus so she was prescribed some medicine. Hope it helps.

Till next time.....

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Praise His Name

I talked with Tami last evening and she said she received the results of the blood work done last Monday at the doctor's office following the sonogram. Everything was normal so far. What a blessing and I will continue to pray for a healthy baby. Can't wait for Colleen's sonogram although she has said that she is not going to find out the sex of the baby. I remember way back when..... we never knew the sex our babies and it was wonderful to hear the doctor say "it's a ____!" at the moment of birth. Anywasy, I already started her baby blanket in white but will wait for Tami to let me know what color she wants - pink or blue.

I read that Ben was able to come home on Sunday and that was truly another blessing from the Lord. Hope he is doing well and the family is adjusting to twins. I can't imagine how difficult that can be.

Tonight is Kasi's concert and as usual I forgot - Jenn did not call to remind me until it was too late for me to go. Hopefully Kasi will forgive me. Everyone knows how forgetful I am!!!

I have been reading my Bible - I joined Crossroads, a Christian book club and received a new Bible for joining. I also ordered a daily devotional book and some other study guides. Forgiveness is something that has been difficult for me as anyone who knows the circumstances of my children's father's remarriage will know. Adultery is not easy to forgive, especially if the marriage is destroyed as a result and having to see them at family gatherings brings up old wounds. Well, I thought I would take the bull by the horn and make an effort to be nice so I requested her to be a friend on Facebook. Why did I ever think that would be accepted? Of course, she has not responded and I know she has been on Facebook because she posted a birthday message to Colleen. I guess I will just give up that gesture for the time being.

On a lighter note, it was a beautiful day today. I was busy with work and am ready to relax.

Till next time.....

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Happy Birthdays

Today I went to Jenn's to celebrate the March birthdays and finally celebrate Terra's birthday - better late than never! Colleen was there with Carson - Mike still away on his golfing trip and due to arrive home this evening. We had a brunch - the food was great. I made a red velvet cake and white cupcakes with chocolate frosting. The grandchildren had a great time - the weather was beautiful and they were able to play outside. Teagan was just a angel - smiles when you talk to her. A very enjoyable day.

I came home to my cat who is still recovering from her traumatic week without me. She is beside me wherever I am. If she falls asleep and I move to a different room, she wakes up and follows me a few seconds later. Poor thing is afraid I'll leave her again. Thanks to Jenn and family for taking care of her.

Good to hear that Crystal and John's babies are doing well. Hopefully Ben will be able to come home from the NICU soon.

Well, I am headed off to my bed to watch a little TV and then hopefully a good nights rest. I am still somewhat tired from my trip. As enjoyable as it was, I am not use to the hustle and bustle of children 24/7 - God bless their parents.

Till next time.....

Saturday, March 21, 2009

No place like home....

I returned home today from my week long trip to NY/NJ to visit with Cheryl and Tami and the grandchildren. Got to see the son-in-laws before they left for their golfing trip. My mom also was up from Florida so it was a great visit altogether.

We celebrated Matthew's and Ashleigh Sue's birthdays on Sunday. Cheryl had arranged for a firetruck to come - he parked right in their driveway - siren on and all. He did a great job talking about fire safety and he let the children try on all the equipment. Mattie did not want to sit in the driver's seat at first but finally did with Michael. They all got to spray with a small fire hose. Lots of fun for all. The party was a great success, even Ashleigh seemed to enjoy it. I will try to post pictures in the next few days.

I stayed with Cheryl on Saturday and Sunday and then we met Tami for lunch in Hicksville so I could be with her for her sonogram. It was great to see Dr. Sommers again - he did my surgery 16 years ago and still remembers me. The sonogram was so interesting - we could see the baby's nose and tongue sticking out of its mouth. Don't know the sex yet but everything looked good so far. Keep praying!!

Tuesday we met my mom and sister for lunch and then Cheryl drove to Tami's on Wednesday and stayed until today when she took me to the airport in Newark. We had a wonderful time - the week flew by so quickly. I went to Kevin's hockey game - got to see him score too!!
The boys are growing so fast.

My cat is driving me crazy - she missed me soooo much.

Till next time...

Thursday, March 12, 2009


Well, yesterday afternoon I gathered my junk out of my car as I was going to Mike's to get my car washed. Without watching where I was going, I missed the ever so small step onto the sidewalk and lost my balance - I fell onto the cement on my knee, hit my arm on a brick that surrounds the flower patch and landed in the mulch. The first thing I thought of was "I hope nobody saw me!" I couldn't get up right away because my arm and knee hurt so bad. Once I got up, I saw blood dripping down my leg and managed to get back into my apartment. I went upstairs and cleaned up the scrapes, bandaged and hurting, went back downstairs to ice my arm. Needless to say, I did not go back out to get my car washed. This morning, when I got ready to leave for work, I noticed that I had never locked my door from yesterday. Anyone could have just walked in and robbed me or murdered me or worse.

I did get to Mike's car wash today and you would not believe how clean my car is. It's been such a long time since I've had it washed that when I came out of Walmart, I thought my windows were open - they were sparkling clean!!!

I am looking forward to my trip to NY/NJ. Jenn is going to feed my cat while I'm gone. She does get very lonely and I know she misses me -- not Jenn, the cat.

Well, time to get ready for bed and redress my wounded knee...

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Mamma Mia!

Friday night when Cheryl called to check on the time of my flight, I realized that I should have flown to Newark on February 14 - thanks to a typo error when the flight was booked. Oh well, the wonderful airline not only would not give us any credit for the error but because I was not on the flight, they automatically canceled my return flight which was the correct date. Somehow, that does not seem legal but there's nothing that can be done. So, Tami found another flight and booked me for the correct dates. However, I lost the cost of the first booking completely and thankfully we were able to book another for less than the first. Today, I finally got around to figuring my budget for this month and miraculously, the money was there to pay for this new flight without having to rearrange anything. I still cannot figure out how that happened except for a blessing from the Lord. Who else could come up with $144 from nowhere?

Saturday, I watched Carson for a few hours and we had so much fun. We spent most of the day outside enjoying the beautiful weather. We drew different shapes on the driveway with chalk and I would ask him to jump in a specific shape - he knew every shape - even an octagon! He is so smart.

Today, I tried to catch up on household chores and laundry. Colleen called and asked me to go to the park with her and Jenn and the kids but I had too much to do. I understand they had a great time, enjoying yet another day of beautiful weather. Can't wait for spring to be officially here.

Friday, March 6, 2009

God is Soooo Good

This week my dear friend at work was told that her granddaughter, who is three and a half years old, was having problems with her stomach. She would complain of pain in her "tummy" on and off for a few days. My friend's daughter took her to the doctor and he thought it was constipation which they attempted to treat. There was no difference so they tested further and at first thought it was a dermoid cyst in her colon (a growth that is congenital and can be removed). This usually occurs near the ovary and is not usually discovered until a woman is in her 20's or above. They took her to a surgeon and yesterday he told the mom that it was a teratoma (growth) on her ovary and they would have to do surgery. He also prepared them that he thought it was malignant. My friend was so upset - we prayed and asked God to guide the surgeon's hands and let it be benign. She called me alittle while ago and told me everything looked good. It does not appear to be malignant (of course they sent off a sample to pathology to make sure) and that Rachel is doing okay. Another prayer answered by our dear Lord and Saviour. How can anyone deny such an Almighty power - God answers prayers!!!!

Tomorrow afternoon I will be babysitting for Carson - can't wait. We went to Boston Pizzeria last night and met Margaret and Alex. Had a great time. Carson wanted to go to Nana's afterwards so he could go upstairs and see where Miss Kitty sleeps. He loves going up and down my stairs. I'll be watching him at his house this time or he'll wear me out!

Hoping to go bowling maybe this Sunday afternoon with the Wylie kids and hope to hear from TJ. too.

That's it for now...

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Number Fifteen

Well, Colleen just called a few minutes ago and informed me that number 15 is on its way - she is pregnant and due the beginning of November. This is just wonderful - my oldest and my youngest are pregnant at the same time. There will be about 5 weeks between births. I'm so excited. First and foremost, I pray for healthy babies and then that they will be girls. Of course, it doesn't really matter to me what the sex is as long as they are healthy. God is good.

Today, the snow has melted some - the roads were fine but our office did not open until ten this morning. I hope the governor is generous and pays us for yesterday and the hour and a half for today. Even if the office is closed, sometimes we have to take annual leave if the governor does not grant us the pay.

Brandi is still sick with a fever this morning but Jenn said she is feeling better and should be able to go to school tomorrow. I hope this bug gets gone soon.

Tami said they had about fourteen inches of snow in NY. I am going there in two weeks and have a history of bringing snowstorms with me so hopefully that will not happen this time. March certainly came in like a lion!!!

Till next time....

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Snowy day!

It has been a few days again since I've written anything. Sometimes, I just don't feel like writing. Jenn and Brandi are sick and I hope they feel better soon.

It is snowing and just beautiful outside. I heard a truck go by my apartment and looked out the window - they had stopped in front of my driveway and had gotten out of their truck. A huge branch had fallen and was blocking half the street. They tried to move it but were unable. Thank goodness it was on the opposite side of the power lines but I'm sure a power outage will occur sometime during the night. The snow is very heavy which makes the branches heavy and causes breakage. I just hope it does not get real cold inside - I don't want to leave my cat here by herself in the cold if I go to my daughter's house.

Colleen, Carson and myself went to the mall this morning to walk for exercise. We ate lunch at Garfields and had an enjoyable time together. Carson was good as usual and seemed to enjoy the outing.

My friend is still writing and I'm still enjoying his correspondence. He is revealing more and more of himself on a personal note and I find that very touching. There has been a little flirting and that's okay too. I am wanting to see him but not just yet. When the time is right, I will know it.