Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Another blessing from heaven

I received wonderful news this past Saturday - TJ and Terra are having another baby. Number five for them and number 16 for me (grandchildren that is). I'm so excited! Wonder what "T" name they will name him or her.

Matthew called me yesterday - he is a talker! Ashleigh also spoke on the phone - she said "Hi" and then "Nana". Cheryl said it was the first time she said Nana so I was sooo tickled. Her little voice is just precious.

Tami was in the ER in Delaware last weekend with stomach pain and dehydration. She has had problems with dehydration before and I pray that this will not become a frequent problem. Getting close to her delivery day - can't wait to hold sweet Jake.

Jenn has been having problems with a wisdom tooth. She went to the ER and was given an antibiotic and pain medicine. Hopefully she will be able to have it pulled soon.

Colleen has moved into her new house. It is beautiful and big. Carson loves his playroom downstairs. She is still unpacking. She is doing well with this pregnancy - can't wait to find out what it is.

Well, that catches up my children. I, on the other hand, have begun looking again for a house. There are a few I want to drive by first and then maybe I'll find something I like.

I'm tired tonight - my cat woke me up at midnight last night wanting to play fetch with her toy. How many cats do you know that play fetch like a dog??? I'm hiding the toy tonight!

Till next time...

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Baby Shower

This past weekend I went to NY for Tami's baby shower. The theme was ducks and it was absolutely wonderful. The weather was great - a little hot in the sun - but otherwise a beautiful day. The children were in the pool most of the day. The adults were served delicious food. One of Tami's friends made the cake in the shape of a tub with a yellow duck on top - STUPENDOUS!!!! She is very talented to say the least. Tami received many gifts and was excited to get the room prepared for baby Jake. Cheryl did a wonderful job with planning the shower and everyone who contributed in any way were greatly appreciated. Colleen made a diaper cake which came out adorable. The swing from her siblings was a perfect gift. She received gift cards and money to complete what she didn't receive as gifts.

I enjoyed being with my daughters and their families although the trip was short. I am glad I went. Won't be a bit surprised if Tami has a big baby - I guessed 9lbs 3ozs and 21 inches long - we'll see.

I am now back to seriously looking for a house to buy. I hope I can find one before the interest rates get too high. Holly e-mails several listings almost everyday so I'm sure something will strike my fancy soon.

Well, I was up till 2am this morning and I'm fading fast so I am signing off.

Till next time....