Friday, January 6, 2012


Can it really be almost a year since my last post? So much has happened. New grandbaby - Taryn Eileen born to TJ and Terra. Eighteen in all - I do not deserve to be so blessed!

Jenn got her drivers license and a job, yeah Jenn!

I joined a dating website in August. Had one date that was okay. Talked to and messaged several other men and then I met Robert! We met at Barnes & Noble for coffee - went across the street to Jason's deli to eat. I had plans with my children for the weekend so did not talk with him again for a few days but we really liked each other from the start. Had a wonderful Christmas and fantastic New Year's Eve at the Embassy Suites in Greenville. He had met the children that live down here and they really like him and he likes them. He is by far the sweetest man I have ever met. Looking forward to a long term relationship!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Belated Happy New Year

I'm just 2 months late but happy new year anyway.

I have a new grandson, Charles Austin Negrini, born on 12/30/10. Was able to visit for a week in January. He is so precious and his siblings are just loving him! He has problems with reflux which makes it difficult for Cheryl. He spits up all the time but is gaining weight and hopefully will outgrow this soon.

Tami and the boys visited for a week in February. I flew up there and then drove back down with all of them. Marc flew down midweek and drove them home. We had a great time. The boys are getting so big! and Jake is just adorable.

All the good times and good news sure did change in the blink of an eye. My daughter, Jennifer, is now seperated from her husband of almost 16 years. It was sudden and totally unexpected. She is doing so well and I'm proud of her. The children are coping, some better than others. I know they will all be fine, it just takes time.

Sadly, this has brought back so many unpleasant memories for me. I had always hoped that none of my children would ever have to go through a divorce but at least I have learned from my past experiences and hopefully I can offer Jenn words of encouragement as I have been through all the emotions that a separation can bring. I know I am stronger and better and Jenn will be too. She actually is progressing much faster than I ever did with getting her life on track. Proud of you Jenn!

Till next time.....

Friday, December 17, 2010

It's been a long, long time....

I really need to make more frequent entries to this blog but I have to admit - time just gets away from me. It's been so long that I had trouble remembering my password! Well, Christmas is just around the corner. Shopping this year was primarily done via the internet. It sure makes shopping easy - I wish I had started earlier as now it is too late to finish and I will have to hit the stores.

I recently made a trip to NY for Tami's 40th birthday - wow! Her party was so much fun. Loved visiting with my baby sister and catching up with family news. Got to see Cheryl and Gregg at the party and then on Sunday was Jake's baptism so got to see Matthew and Ashleigh. Did some Christmas shopping for the northern grandchildren and some on-line shopping also. Hope everything gets delivered before Christmas. It was freezing up there but no warmer when I returned to the south.

To catch up, we had an awesome summer, enjoyed the pool every possible minute that we could. Ryan, Kasi and Brandi all learned to swim. Carson did real well, lost all fear of the water. Lylah also enjoyed her time in the pool. Family time was abundant - lots of dinners cooked and served around the pool.

Jr. and Ryan worked real hard on my kitchen renovation. Basically it is done, just a few minor finishing touches. It came out great - very "country" looking which is what I wanted. Spent much more money than I had originally anticipated but well worth it.

Hopefully I will update at least monthly from now on. Got to get Jenn to add more pictures of the newest grandchildren - may wait until Cheryl delivers the next one before she does.

Till next time.....

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wow - what a family!!!

I recently celebrated my 60th birthday - (can that be????). Jenn and Colleen picked me up on Thursday evening (along with Brandi and Lylah) and off we headed to who knows where. Had some thoughts, maybe Savannah or Myrtle Beach - when we headed north I thought maybe we were meeting Tami and Cheryl half way to NY. We turned off onto I-40 in Asheville and it's then I figured GATLINBURG!!! - I was correct but little did I know all the surprises that were in store for me. We got off the interstate in unfamiliar territory - drove through back country roads that wound around and around. We pulled into the driveway of a beautiful, huge, two story house with pink shutters and a porch. When we entered, Tami, Cheryl, Jake, Matthew and Ashleigh were sitting in the den. What a surprise! And then, my younger sister, Cindi, came out of another room. I still can't believe they all were there for me! My daughters had been planning this since January and kept it a secret all that time. Friday we went to Dollywood, Saturday we went to Gatlinburg and also the scrapbooking outlet (my most favorite place!). We all had a ball. I even talked them into getting our pictures done at one of the old timey photography places. What fun!!! Sadly, Sunday came wayyy too fast. The northerners arose very early to leave. We left later in the morning and went to Cade's Cove which I love also. We did not see many deer which totally surpised me but we did get to see a bear. We even stopped along the highway and saw another bear foraging in the berries! Many more surprises during the getaway, lots of wonderful gifts. I am sooo blessed. This memory will always be one of my favorites. Love my family sooo much!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Just Another Monday...

What a sleepy kind of day. Yesterday we celebrated Jenn's birthday at my house. Colleen and family and Jenn's friend Missy and her family joined us for baked ziti dinner and yummy homemade crumb cake. The recipe was given to me years ago by someone that Jenn's dad knew from the post office. I wasn't sure I still had the recipe but I did. I think her name was Mary. It turned out great! The crumbs have a whole pound of melted butter in them! Sorry that TJ and family could not join us. They have been sick for a while now - just can't seem to shake the respiratory infections. Poor little Teagan now has pneumonia.

Tami and the boys will be making a visit next week. I am flying up there and then driving down with her. Should be a fun filled week. Wish Cheryl were able to make the trip also but with Matt's allergies, she can't stay with any of us and a hotel for a week gets expensive. Maybe this summer when we are not cooped up in the home with the cat they will be able to visit.

Not much else new except that I am enjoying my new home so much. Love decorating and painting and everything else. Just need to be a millionaire to do all the things I want!

Till next time.....

Friday, January 22, 2010

So Much Has Happened...

Why can't I seem to update this blog more frequently. I just cannot bring myself to write on a daily basis as if I were writing in my diary. Who cares about every little detail of my life anyway? What time I got up - if I did laundry, took a walk, exercised?!?!?! Get a diary and keep it to yourself. I can see writing about events that would have some meaning to your friends and family or if you are writing to earn money - otherwise, give me a break!

That said - I have an event that may be of interest to others. I finally bought a house. I love it! It has an inground pool and is in a very nice area - 1.1 miles from Colleen. If I were ambitious, I could walk it. Closer to Jenn also but now she is moving so hopefully she will not move too far from me. I am enjoying fixing the house - painting, new lighting fixtures, etc. Major renovations will be done in time.

My grandchildren are all growing in leaps and bounds. Saw Jake on SKYPE last night - so cute. Lylah is also getting so big and just so much fun to be around. I wish I could retire and babysit for her while Colleen works. She is blessed though that she has found an excellent day care and I'm sure Lylah will love it also as Carson does.

Looking forward to Taylor's birth. Hopefully, we can get together more often than in the past few years. Now that Sunday is family day, I pray that the Carney's will be able to join us frequently. The cousins all enjoy being together.

Miss the Santullis and Negrinis so much. There is some talk about a visit in February. YEAH!

Jr. is a real big help in my home repairs right now. I try to do as much as I can but some things you just need a man to do.

Well, until next time....

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Another Blessing

Wow - Colleen delivered a beautiful baby girl - Lylah Caroline - on October 30. She weighed in at 6lbs 6oz and is absolutely gorgeous. Big brother Carson gives her "gentle kisses and gentle hugs"! Mom and baby are doing well - more answered prayers. Lylah is gaining weight and settling in with her new family.

Tami is doing well also - still adjusting her Coumadin dosages but that is to be expected. Baby Jake is growing every day. Love SKYPE - so glad I can see the family on the web cam. Hopefully Cheryl will get a web cam also so I can see her family also.

Can't believe Ryan is 14!! Being in the delivery room when he was born was so special - time goes by sooo fast.

Today I'm going to Tristin-Grace's princess birthday party. She is also getting so big - such a prissy little girl.

Looking at houses again. Saw one that I'm interested in but not getting my hopes up yet.

Till next time.....