Wednesday, February 18, 2009


This morning I received an e-mail from my friend in NY - he gave me a link to see photos of himself. He has changed very little since high school - still sooo handsome. I was even late for work. I saved the pictures but cannot figure out how to send them to Jenn as she asked me to. It is such fun corresponding with him and maybe someday I will agree to meet with him. I'm still alittle distrusting in men.

I am concerned about Teagan and Tristin-Grace. I pray that they will be able to be helped with their problems. I continue to pray for Tami and her baby and of course for all my other children and grandchildren.

No house hunting for awhile although I find myself going on the internet and searching for homes anyway. I hope I don't find one I really like and then cannot make an offer for a few more months. Hopefully my ex will refinance our house in a timely fashion and get that debt off my credit report. That is the only thing holding me back right now.

Will try to keep posting....

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jenn said...

Good job posting, mom. Keep it up!