Friday, February 6, 2009

Well, another exiting day at my house. I have an appointment tomorrow with the home inspector. I expect alot of things to be wrong with the house as it is very old. Hopefully nothing will be so bad that we cannot fix it within my budget and nothing that will need to be done right away. The prospect of moving is making me very happy.

I worked from home today and was very lazy. I need to start packing but want to make sure the move is inevitable first.

Read that my son and two grandchildren are sick - I hope this does not interfere with their visit this Sunday so we can celebrate Terra's and Jenn's birthdays. Can't wait to bake tomorrow - I'm very competitive - my cake WILL be the best!!!


Sam, Missy and Alex said...

Hey Pam, I'm Jenns friend Missy~ LOVE the blog! And I vote that your cake was rocking!!!
I hope all works out for the best with the house situation!!
I can't wait for you to post again!!

Take care,


Donna said...

Moving can be Daunting! Don't work too hard...hughugs

Jennifer said...

hi there. and welcome to the blogosphere! :) it's great that you are posting now too, I love Jenn and stalk her regularly! :) Can't wait to read more on your blog and get to know you too!

xoxxo HUGS

FRIGGA said...

I saw a picture of the cake over at Jenn's blog - it looked awesome!!!

Welcome to Blogland!!! (BTW - great header!!) :)

jenn said...

Hey mom...aren't my friends the best! They all love your cake!