Monday, February 16, 2009

My daughter Jennifer told me I needed to write in my blog - I guess it has been awhile. We had a great time at Colleen's yesterday. Unfortunately, the birthday celebration for Terra did not work out as Thomas was sick. I made a special cake and will do another when we finally get together - hopefully before she's 31!

I am off today due to President's Day and it is a state holiday - one good thing about working for the state, we get alot of holidays off. I've been working on my scrapbooking - haven't done that in awhile either.

An old friend from grammar school found me on Facebook about a month ago and we have been e-mailing each other since. It has been so much fun - he is a very special person. He is very intelligent, has a great sense of humor. We are trying to catch up on 50 years and I hate to admit it but he remembers far more than I do. We first met in 2nd grade and had a "crush" on each other in 6th grade. During high school, we drifted apart. He has led a very interesting life.
Hopefully, we can meet up during one of my visits to NY.

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Sam, Missy and Alex said...

ooooh, sounds like it could lead to some blog drama!! I'd love to hear more!! Hope you had a great day off work! Oh and I'd love to see more pics of your creative cakes!!!