Friday, December 17, 2010

It's been a long, long time....

I really need to make more frequent entries to this blog but I have to admit - time just gets away from me. It's been so long that I had trouble remembering my password! Well, Christmas is just around the corner. Shopping this year was primarily done via the internet. It sure makes shopping easy - I wish I had started earlier as now it is too late to finish and I will have to hit the stores.

I recently made a trip to NY for Tami's 40th birthday - wow! Her party was so much fun. Loved visiting with my baby sister and catching up with family news. Got to see Cheryl and Gregg at the party and then on Sunday was Jake's baptism so got to see Matthew and Ashleigh. Did some Christmas shopping for the northern grandchildren and some on-line shopping also. Hope everything gets delivered before Christmas. It was freezing up there but no warmer when I returned to the south.

To catch up, we had an awesome summer, enjoyed the pool every possible minute that we could. Ryan, Kasi and Brandi all learned to swim. Carson did real well, lost all fear of the water. Lylah also enjoyed her time in the pool. Family time was abundant - lots of dinners cooked and served around the pool.

Jr. and Ryan worked real hard on my kitchen renovation. Basically it is done, just a few minor finishing touches. It came out great - very "country" looking which is what I wanted. Spent much more money than I had originally anticipated but well worth it.

Hopefully I will update at least monthly from now on. Got to get Jenn to add more pictures of the newest grandchildren - may wait until Cheryl delivers the next one before she does.

Till next time.....

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