Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wow - what a family!!!

I recently celebrated my 60th birthday - (can that be????). Jenn and Colleen picked me up on Thursday evening (along with Brandi and Lylah) and off we headed to who knows where. Had some thoughts, maybe Savannah or Myrtle Beach - when we headed north I thought maybe we were meeting Tami and Cheryl half way to NY. We turned off onto I-40 in Asheville and it's then I figured GATLINBURG!!! - I was correct but little did I know all the surprises that were in store for me. We got off the interstate in unfamiliar territory - drove through back country roads that wound around and around. We pulled into the driveway of a beautiful, huge, two story house with pink shutters and a porch. When we entered, Tami, Cheryl, Jake, Matthew and Ashleigh were sitting in the den. What a surprise! And then, my younger sister, Cindi, came out of another room. I still can't believe they all were there for me! My daughters had been planning this since January and kept it a secret all that time. Friday we went to Dollywood, Saturday we went to Gatlinburg and also the scrapbooking outlet (my most favorite place!). We all had a ball. I even talked them into getting our pictures done at one of the old timey photography places. What fun!!! Sadly, Sunday came wayyy too fast. The northerners arose very early to leave. We left later in the morning and went to Cade's Cove which I love also. We did not see many deer which totally surpised me but we did get to see a bear. We even stopped along the highway and saw another bear foraging in the berries! Many more surprises during the getaway, lots of wonderful gifts. I am sooo blessed. This memory will always be one of my favorites. Love my family sooo much!

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