Sunday, March 6, 2011

Belated Happy New Year

I'm just 2 months late but happy new year anyway.

I have a new grandson, Charles Austin Negrini, born on 12/30/10. Was able to visit for a week in January. He is so precious and his siblings are just loving him! He has problems with reflux which makes it difficult for Cheryl. He spits up all the time but is gaining weight and hopefully will outgrow this soon.

Tami and the boys visited for a week in February. I flew up there and then drove back down with all of them. Marc flew down midweek and drove them home. We had a great time. The boys are getting so big! and Jake is just adorable.

All the good times and good news sure did change in the blink of an eye. My daughter, Jennifer, is now seperated from her husband of almost 16 years. It was sudden and totally unexpected. She is doing so well and I'm proud of her. The children are coping, some better than others. I know they will all be fine, it just takes time.

Sadly, this has brought back so many unpleasant memories for me. I had always hoped that none of my children would ever have to go through a divorce but at least I have learned from my past experiences and hopefully I can offer Jenn words of encouragement as I have been through all the emotions that a separation can bring. I know I am stronger and better and Jenn will be too. She actually is progressing much faster than I ever did with getting her life on track. Proud of you Jenn!

Till next time.....

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