Monday, August 10, 2009

Double the Blessing

TJ called me this afternoon with wonderful news. Terra had a sonagram today - they were worried because they had not heard a heartbeat and the baby was measuring smaller than it should have. Now we know the reason - they are having TWINS!!! Wow, I am so excited. There are twins on both my mother and father's sides of the family but none in my parents nor my generation. None of my cousins have natural multiple births so this is the first. Can't wait - just pray for healthy babies. Terra has a tendency to deliver early so hopefully this will not be a problem for the little ones.

Tami is doing well. Jake is scheduled to make his debut on September 18. I will be flying up to be with her for a week. She is not nursing so I will be able to do the nighttime feedings for her so she can get her rest. She is having a repeat section.

Colleen is also doing well. Mike painted the baby's room yesterday.

On a more tragic note - Jenn and family went camping last week. Kasi fell into the camp fire - actually the edge of the fire and sustained second and third degree burns on her forearm. Thank God it wasn't her face. She is a real trouper and Jenn said she has not complained very much at all.

Hope to hear from Cheryl today - they were on a mini vacation. Hope they had a good time.

Till next time......

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