Friday, January 22, 2010

So Much Has Happened...

Why can't I seem to update this blog more frequently. I just cannot bring myself to write on a daily basis as if I were writing in my diary. Who cares about every little detail of my life anyway? What time I got up - if I did laundry, took a walk, exercised?!?!?! Get a diary and keep it to yourself. I can see writing about events that would have some meaning to your friends and family or if you are writing to earn money - otherwise, give me a break!

That said - I have an event that may be of interest to others. I finally bought a house. I love it! It has an inground pool and is in a very nice area - 1.1 miles from Colleen. If I were ambitious, I could walk it. Closer to Jenn also but now she is moving so hopefully she will not move too far from me. I am enjoying fixing the house - painting, new lighting fixtures, etc. Major renovations will be done in time.

My grandchildren are all growing in leaps and bounds. Saw Jake on SKYPE last night - so cute. Lylah is also getting so big and just so much fun to be around. I wish I could retire and babysit for her while Colleen works. She is blessed though that she has found an excellent day care and I'm sure Lylah will love it also as Carson does.

Looking forward to Taylor's birth. Hopefully, we can get together more often than in the past few years. Now that Sunday is family day, I pray that the Carney's will be able to join us frequently. The cousins all enjoy being together.

Miss the Santullis and Negrinis so much. There is some talk about a visit in February. YEAH!

Jr. is a real big help in my home repairs right now. I try to do as much as I can but some things you just need a man to do.

Well, until next time....

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